European Vacation

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Some pictures from Europe
Alhambra from fountain

101.7 Kbytes
Alhambra reflection

70.3 Kbytes
Arch of Constantine, Rome

72.7 Kbytes
Basilica S Marco Mosaic 2

96.2 Kbytes
Basilica S Marco Mosaic detail

125.5 Kbytes
Basilica S Marco Mosaic

104.6 Kbytes
Basilica S Marco full view

95.1 Kbytes
Beautiful Tarragona

99.6 Kbytes
Bell Tower in Piazza S Marco Venice

66.7 Kbytes
Brent - panorama by his house

60.3 Kbytes
Brent examining the Alhambra

81.9 Kbytes
Brent in Alhambra rotunda

64.2 Kbytes
Brent in alhambra gardens

100.2 Kbytes
Dachau star of David

55.0 Kbytes
Eiffel tower at dusk

50.6 Kbytes
Eiffel tower at noon

41.1 Kbytes
Flavian Ampitheatre Entrance

94.5 Kbytes
Flavian Ampitheatre inside 1

57.4 Kbytes
Flavian Ampitheatre

79.2 Kbytes
Hofgarten Munich

75.3 Kbytes
JJ and Christel in Paris

60.4 Kbytes
Junar in Germany

82.5 Kbytes
Late dinner in Granada

76.9 Kbytes
Louvre facade

63.4 Kbytes
Mass Hell in Beer Garten

36.9 Kbytes
Me and Alhambra panorama

55.8 Kbytes
Me at Olympia Park

33.4 Kbytes
Me at the Louvre

45.4 Kbytes
Me in Nice

69.1 Kbytes
Me in Oia (Santorini)

43.2 Kbytes
Monolithos beach in Santorini

108.1 Kbytes
Moses by Michelangelo

75.5 Kbytes
Mr and Mrs German Perez

49.2 Kbytes
Oia Sunset (Santorini)

43.3 Kbytes
Olympia park main tent

64.3 Kbytes
Olympia park tower

68.7 Kbytes
Paris from tower - museums

89.1 Kbytes
Paris from tower

70.5 Kbytes
Piazza di San Marco towers

77.0 Kbytes
Red Beach (Santorini)

101.4 Kbytes
Roman Forum

104.6 Kbytes
Russan Mass in Munich

47.3 Kbytes
Santorini - view from a cafe

77.1 Kbytes
Santorini Cliffside closeup

71.1 Kbytes
Santorini arch and I

62.7 Kbytes
Santorini from inner island

78.1 Kbytes
Super tourist

89.6 Kbytes
Tarragona cathedral

67.9 Kbytes
Unfinished Michelangelo - Leah

73.1 Kbytes
Venice from Rialto

70.3 Kbytes
Versailles chapel

80.0 Kbytes
Versailles from gardens

53.3 Kbytes
Versailles garden

55.1 Kbytes

89.3 Kbytes
big ben

48.0 Kbytes
buckingham palace

73.4 Kbytes
cannes beachfront

94.1 Kbytes
cannes film festival

83.1 Kbytes
deutches museum train

61.5 Kbytes
foot of Eiffel tower

57.1 Kbytes
german scupture

99.3 Kbytes
guitar in ampitheatre

85.4 Kbytes
jardin des plantes

60.9 Kbytes
monaco from the ville

98.4 Kbytes
monaco ville

119.4 Kbytes
munich from above

93.7 Kbytes

104.0 Kbytes
palace guard

68.1 Kbytes
palace park

69.0 Kbytes
parliament skyline

46.6 Kbytes
plaza de colon

76.7 Kbytes
ronnie scott's

77.6 Kbytes
terrace - me and michelle

50.8 Kbytes
tower bridge

62.0 Kbytes