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Fun pictures!
[berin] concentration camp - monument

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[berlin] - concentration camp - plan

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[berlin] berlin wall - pro art work 2

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[berlin] berlin wall - pro art work

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[berlin] berlin wall break

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[berlin] berlin wall save

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[berlin] berlin wall

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[berlin] brandenberg gate detail

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[berlin] brandenberg gate

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[berlin] cathedral from the bridge

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[berlin] cathedral in the palace square

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[berlin] checkpoint charlie

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[berlin] concentration camp - barrack

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[berlin] concentration camp - building

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[berlin] concentration camp - entrance

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[berlin] concentration camp - shackles

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[berlin] humbolt university

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[berlin] monument to lost sons facade

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[berlin] monument to lost sons

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[berlin] site of the book burnings

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[berlin] the tea cup

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[frankfurt] craig at the train station

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[frankfurt] sericea at the train station

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