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Fun pictures!
bean pickin - marcia

86.3 Kbytes
bean pickin - relaxing

84.6 Kbytes
bean pickin - sara

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black sand beach a little closer

93.7 Kbytes
black sand beach bluff

75.2 Kbytes
black sand beach postcard

102.2 Kbytes
black sand feet

69.8 Kbytes
black sand horizon

64.1 Kbytes
by the lomi lomi school

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city of refuge beach

81.9 Kbytes
city of refuge palm trees

88.4 Kbytes
city of refuge statues

58.1 Kbytes
jeem and the valley

78.5 Kbytes
jeem on the black sand beach

69.7 Kbytes
kayak launched

52.5 Kbytes
kayak launching

73.5 Kbytes
kayak with a long way to go

52.3 Kbytes
kids on the shore

59.4 Kbytes
me and the valley

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south point cranes from far

79.5 Kbytes
south point cranes from not so far

71.5 Kbytes
south point names on rock

110.5 Kbytes
south point off the crane

65.3 Kbytes
south point on the crane

66.7 Kbytes
south point strange hole

68.2 Kbytes
south point water

72.9 Kbytes
sunset right before the green flash - detail

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sunset right before the green flash

39.1 Kbytes

41.8 Kbytes
valley sunlight breaks through

104.1 Kbytes
valley valley valley wow

91.7 Kbytes
waterfall group photo

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