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Fun pictures!
[sfnye99] I'm so comfortable

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[sfnye99] carlock and shannon, stars of stage and screen

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[sfnye99] cdm

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[sfnye99] chirs, craig, sara and I

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[sfnye99] craig and ali get down

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[sfnye99] craig confirming his inebriation

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[sfnye99] craig imitates michael jordan

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[sfnye99] hiiiii-yah!

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[sfnye99] janis waltman

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[sfnye99] on top of the world

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[sfnye99] sara waving

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[sfnye99] sara's ear fixation

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[sfnye99] sober (before the party)

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[sfnye99] sooooo drunk

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[sfnye99] still dancin

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[sfnye99] thanks for this picture, devon

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[sfnye99] yet another craig shot

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