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Fun pictures!
cathedral peak portrait

49.7 Kbytes
cathedral peak

55.0 Kbytes
chris and valley

47.7 Kbytes
fallen trees

69.1 Kbytes
glen aulen high falls

42.5 Kbytes
glen aulen step falls

55.6 Kbytes
lots o granite

44.9 Kbytes
mirror lake bottom

62.5 Kbytes
mirror lake top

52.0 Kbytes
mirror lake wide

54.4 Kbytes
riverside left

39.8 Kbytes
riverside panorama (mosaic)

70.8 Kbytes

(Pasted together in PhotoShop)
riverside right

42.7 Kbytes
riverside wideangle

44.8 Kbytes
trail closed

80.9 Kbytes
trail hill - tree

74.1 Kbytes
valley cliff

51.0 Kbytes
valley detail

40.0 Kbytes
yosemite deer

71.4 Kbytes